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Shopping for a home loan in Australia?

Your home is likely to be the most exciting and expensive purchase you make in your lifetime. That is why you want to make sure you find the home loan in Australia that best suits your financial situation.

Massive application fees, high interest rates, hidden charges and ever-increasing annual fees can all take the gloss off what should be an enjoyable experience.

Proper Finance are the experts in home loans able to guide you through the maze of mortgage products available.

We will let you sleep at night without tossing and turning worrying about how you're going to meet the repayments!

At Proper Finance Solutions, we understand that you must have a home loan that meets these requirements, so we do all the legwork for you.

We research the different mortgages available and choose those that suit your financial and lifestyle requirements.

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Getting the home loans Australia right

Your main considerations when looking for a home loan in Melbourne can be as follows.

  • low repayments
  • low interest rates and fees
  • no hidden charges, no surprises
  • fast response
  • compatible with your lifestyle
  • fits with your current financial goals
  • convenient and user-friendly
  • flexible: you can make extra repayments or have a 1-3 months break

How we help you to get a home loan

You tell us about your property and your needs, and we find a suitable solution for you from the lending products of more than 25 financial institutions.

Think of how long it would take you to sift through the brochures and sales material of just three or four different banks and lending institutions; now imagine doing that five or six times over!

Our job is to remove all your financial worries. This way, you can focus on more important things.

One aspect of searching for a home loan that concerns many people is the jargon financial institutions use. What's the difference between principle and interest mortgages... offset accounts ... interest only mortgages . redraw facilities ... lines of credit ... interest capitalisation?

Let us wade through the financial jargon and give you all the necessary information in plain English, so you can make an educated decision.

How much can I borrow?

This is obviously your most important consideration when searching for a mortgage and it's the first thing we help you with when you contact us.

Different lenders have different methods of calculating your borrowing capacity, and this usually depends on your financial position.

To get started, please contact us now
or call +613 9909 7494, and we'll find a lender that can provide you with the maximum home loan in your circumstances.

What We Do For You To Get A Home Loan in Australia

Step 1: Home Loan Consultation

When you make initial contact, we help you to clarify your needs and financial position. Once we've done this, we can instantly give you an idea about the various offers available and the economic benefits of each. You'll also know right from the beginning the actual costs involved (such as stamp duties, legal charges and bank fees) so there won't be any nasty surprises once you've committed yourself to the loan.

At this stage, we make sure you have a clear picture of the choices available and can make an informed choice.

Step 2: Home Loan Search

When we know what you need, we perform a search through the products of more than 25 financial institutions. We then draw up a short list of two or three deals that meet your requirements.

Step 3: Home Loan Quotation

Within 24 hours, we'll contact you to talk through the options available and discuss the steps involved in getting approval from the selected financier.

Step 4: Home Loan Application

Next, it's time to collect all the documents you'll need and to actually lodge the application, but don't worry, because we explain exactly what you need to submit.

And if necessary, we negotiate the home loan with the lender on your behalf.

You'll know what's happening with your application at every stage of the process from the application through to the settlement stage, but you never have to concern yourself with the details - that's our job. We handle all the paperwork, calculations and communications with the lender right through until the loan has settled.

Step 5: After-settlement support

Even after your loan settles, you can still contact us at any time with questions or concerns, and we're happy to help you. We look after you and your loan to make sure the lender gives you fair treatment.

Where to start

If you've found your dream home or you're still at the "just looking" stage, feel free to contact us.

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